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Prophetess Lady Linda Collins

Prophetess Linda Yevette Collins is a spirit filled Woman Of God. Blessed by God to bring forth his word and inspired to touch the heart of those in need and committed to Improving, Inspire, Encourage and Empowering the lives of women and their families.


Prophetess Collins is proud to be the wife of Bishop Sherman Collins, who is the founder of International Healing and Deliverance Inc and Greater IHDC of Texas.


She is the third gift of love to Johnnie B Wade who taught her God's Love, Kindness, Thoughtfulness and to respect others. With the help of God, her Mother passed these things on to her and she will never forget them. 

Prophetess Collins the Mothers of two Angels from God. Michael, and Carla. When she married Bishop Collins, she was blessed with three more angels of God - Shaletha, Sherman, Jr., and Versharol.

Prophetess Collins was called by God to do a work at an early age. God has blessed and equipped her with a spirit of Excellence, for such a time as this. God has allowed Prophetess Collins to be able to operate in the gift of Prophecy, Healing, Deliverance, and Intercession and to tear down strongholds that bind them and set the captive free. Teaching people to find or come into their divine purpose that God has called them to do.


Prophetess Collins is the found of these Ministries: Church United Music Fest, Thanksgiving Day Community Fest, Act of Kindness (AOK), and Women of Excellence Ministry. She has traveled throughout the United States Ministering and Teaching the word of God, conducting workshops and seminars such as substance abuse, mental and physical abuse, Celibacy and Marriage. 


Ministering to the hurting women and encouraging men, women and children along the way. Prophetess Collins desires to please our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that she says and does. It is all about giving God the glory and winning Souls for Christ. 


In 2014, The Lord Instructed Bishop Sherman Collins and his wife Prophetess Linda Collins to relocate to Greater DFW area and continue the work started in Kankakee, Ill. Since then, having been teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Denton County North of Greater DFW area. In Denton County the ministry is known as Greater International Healing and Deliverance Center. 


It is a ministry founded on biblical principles, serving in the Spirit of Excellence with the Integrity and Compassion for our Community, our Nation, and our World. GIHDC is a body of baptized believers committed to opening the eyes of the unsaved to transform them from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to the Power of God. 


It Is All About Kingdom Building.  

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